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...Or the Blaire you're allowed to know.

Blaire Drake is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author who wanted to let her kinky side out after dark. She'd love to tell you who she really is, but then she'd have to kill you. Besides--where's the fun in that?

Blaire is a self-proclaimed romantic who enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, gushing Facebook statuses about her definitely better half, and random acts of adoration.

No... Wait. That's a lie. Blaire hates having to get out of her yoga pants (and apparently you're supposed to do that when you leave the house) and is under every impression that she's the better half in her relationship. She has the brains and the beauty, but after much deliberation, she decided he can keep the balls. Mostly because she needs those.

She spends too much time scrolling Facebook and hiding those gushy-gushy posts, and unless the random act of adoration is a spanking, she isn't interested.

That said, she is definitely a romantic at heart.

Her debut novel, DEAR PROFESSOR, will release worldwide on December 14th. She's certain you'll find the three things in her novels that she believes make for a f*cking good book: this-might-offend-someone sarcastic humor, won't-be-needing-these-panties hotness, and get-me-a-bucket-before-I-throw-up true love.

And no, she won't send you nudes. And she doesn't want your d*ck pics either. She just thought she'd clear that one up. (She's looking at you, Creepy McCreeperson.)


She'd love to hang with you on social media, if you're one of those people. (Just don't be offended if she unfollows you--she's probably too busy writing about forbidden love.)




*More to come as she gets her head out of her ass and gets to it.

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